Thank you for your interest in my services.  I have been writing and teaching writing for more than twenty years in a variety of capacities and have been blogging actively for eight years.  My goal is to help you benefit from my experience.

My business is multi-faceted.  I will write and/or edit that brochure, project, creative piece, letter, article, etc., and you will be pleased with the product, but I also will provide writing instruction upon request.  Need to get started blogging but don’t know how?  I can set up that blog/website and help you look your best online as well.

You will find I am easy to work with and aim to please.  My rates are reasonable and my schedule flexible, making for a positive, productive relationship.

My offerings include:

  • website setup
  • blog setup
  • blog usage instruction
  • writing
  • editing
  • expository and creative writing instruction
  • free consultation



500 Word Article        $30 – $50

Tri-fold Brochure        $30 – $60

Flyer                            $10 – $25

Resume                       $25 – $100

Rates for other writing projects are discussed during the free consultation. Rates depend on amount of research and original writing required.


$20 – $50 per person per hour

Website/Blog Setup

$75 – $700

Website/Blog Setup

I work with people who don’t have a lot of money to pour into website development and/or who don’t have much blogging know-how.  Clients decide what they are looking for, get a quote from, and I customize a template in accordance with their budget.  For those who need help learning to use the site, I can provide that, too.  Please note, I am not a programmer and do not work with code.

I use free templates and URL’s.  There is an additional cost for custom URL’s and/or web hosting through WordPress.  Prices vary.

Maintenance and modifications are discussed at the time of the need.  Currently, I do not offer maintenance contracts.  Once a site is completed, any maintenance or modification will be done as a separate transaction.  Prices vary.

Sample Sites

Below are select sites I have arranged.  You will see I match photos and logos with the overall design, making the site appealing and professional.  These examples illustrate layout variety, but they certainly do not represent the only possibilities.


If you have questions and/or would like to set up a free consultation, please contact me.

In appreciation,

Katherine Gotthardt